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Adam Grimm from Elyria, OH, set a new record by being the youngest person to ever win the Federal Duck Stamp competition at age 21, breaking Jim Hautman's long-standing record (age 25). Adam also is the first Junior Duck Stamp program participant to make the crossover to win the adult competition. Adam was attending the Columbus (Ohio) College of Art and Design when he was informed he had won the Federal Duck Stamp art contest. He immediately left college and returned home fulfilling a deal he had made with his mother, that she would allow him to quit college and become a professional wildlife artist if he won the Federal Duck Stamp Contest! Adam's painting of a Mottled Duck stretching in the sunlight after a preening session was designed and painted on his mother's kitchen table, which is a hand-made table that his father and grandfather made from a tree on their property. Adam gives tribute to his grandfather and grandmother who supported and encouraged his early artistic efforts. Adam has also painted stamps for Alaska (AK16) 2001 and Washington (WA16) 2001

--------------------THE ART--------------------
Mottled Duck was reproduced as a photo-lithograph on fine 100% rag paper using premium fade-resistant inks.   The collector edition consists of ..... signed and numbered prints, ..... Medallion edition and 300 Executive editions which include a pencil remarque.   The print image size is 6 1/2"x9".  The medallion is full struck 2 3/32"x1-5/16".  

--------------------THE STAMP--------------------
Mottled Duck…Plates Issued: Intaglio (front) - #199613 - DK Brown; Offset - #74329 - front, Process Black, #74328 - front, Process Cyan, #74307 - front, Process Yellow, #74326 - front, Process Magenta; Nyloprint - (back) Black. Color: Front - Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta. Press: 801 "F" Web - 8 color Offset/Intaglio. Designer/Modeler: Brian Thompson. Engraver: Vignette - Thomas Hipschen; Frame - N/A; Letters - Dixie March; Numerals - N/A. First Day of Sale: July 1, 2000. Issue: 2000 - Sixty-seventh Duck Stamp (Ninth $15.00 stamp), Third Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Issue- RW67A. Quantity Sold: 1,708,951.