Michael Jaffe Stamps has been doing business since 1975 and is a life member of ASDA, APS, ARA, SRS, NDSCS and more    

Brookman Stamp Company is a subsidiary of Michael Jaffe Stamps.

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Michael Jaffe Stamps Brookman Stamp Company       
PO Box 61484 PO Box 90
Vancouver WA 98666-1484 Vancouver WA 98666-0090
Main Phone (360) 695-6161 Main Phone (360) 695-1391
Order Desk (800) 782-6770 Order Desk (888)BROOKMAN or (800) 545-4871
Fax # (360) 695-1616 Fax # (360) 695-1616
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Michael Jaffe: mjaffe@brookmanstamps.com                                      info@brookmanstamps.com


Send all orders to info@brookmanstamps.com and they will be directed to the correct department.  Free free to call our toll free number to order off-line.

You may send your orders to the above e-mail addresses or to:

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